Practices of diversity: from production to reception

Diversity is either considered as a situation in which our societies exist or as a value to be
promoted; however as a concept, it remains polysemous and complex. The definition of diversity comes back to the character of what counts as diverse, varied and different. Yet, the term is commonly used to refer to categories of citizens marked by the singularity of their geographic, sociocultural or religious origins or background, by their age or gender, etc. But diversity is also associated with heterogeneous practices – in short, to plural practices.

Media, as they institute symbolic, technical and social mediations between individuals and their
environment, underline the complexity of diversity. As symbolic industries, they build and show a ‘reality’ of the world in its diversity. Thereafter, what are the traits of diversity, a notion set by and with media? How do the production and reception of content, mechanisms, tools and outlets represent experiences of diversity? Is the experience of diversity within media linked with social and cultural diversity as it is lived on a daily basis?
In different countries and different periods of their history, diversity issues and media issues have been brought closer. In each case, this has led to both civic debate and political/activist positions – and this has fed into academic research on them.

Continuing previous research undertaken by the Centre d’études sur les jeunes et les médias and by its partners IHECS and Media Animation, the Youth and Media diversities (YMdiv) Conference aims to discuss the fields of youth and media through the prism of diversity.

The aim is to focus on relationships between the young and diversity via media, on three levels:

  • micro: the level of reception and of various experiences of diversity via media practices;
  • meso: the level of the production of diversity, whether it is reached within professional practices or by content creation;
  • macro: the level of cultural, educative and communication industries in a transnational

The YMdiv Conference has the ambition of dealing with several situations, thoughts and trends
about youth and media experiencing diversity, through three academic approaches.